Looking for submissions for an awesome compzine about breastfeeding, called “The Good Stuff.”

Submission ideas:

profiles of badass breastfeeders, breastfeeding manifestas, poems, drawings, collages about breastfeeding, tales of breastfeeding, pumping, exclusively pumping, relactating, wet nursing, milk donation, weaning, NIP (nursing in public) and more! Got a recipe for lactation cookies? Tips for dealing with nursing strikes, sore nipples, low supply, over supply? Send ’em in!

Looking for submissions primarily from breastfeeding parents, but also from lactation consultants, doulas and midwives. Would be cool to hear from breastfeeding allies too–non-parents or non-breastfeeding parents who support the breastfeeders among them!

What is a zine?? A zine is a self-published, small circulation, non-commercial booklet or magazine usually produced by one individual or a small group. This definition and more info about zines come from here.

Submission deadline is June 15, 2013. Zine will be debuting at Grand Rapids Zine Fest in late August (you should come out!)

Thing that should not need to  be said, but I’m saying it just in case it needs to be said: This zine is about celebrating and normalizing breastfeeding–not slamming anyone who does not or chooses not to breastfeed. Raging against a system that does not support breastfeeding? Absolutely acceptable! Raging against fellow parents for their parenting choice? Absolutely unacceptable.

Submissions, comments, questions, concerns should be e-mailed to me, Cate, at If you want to snail mail your submission, e-mail me for the mailing address.

All contributors will receive one copy for themselves!

Please include with your submission: The name you want to be published with your work (Anonymous is okay) and a brief bio (100 words or less). Please also send your mailing address so I can send you your copy!